De Olifant cigar factory, Kampen - Holland | PHILOSOPHY



De Olifant cigar factory is a monumental and picturesque building. The crooked walls, the ancient cobblestone floor and the wooden decking in the cigar factory are permeated with the smell of tobacco and cedar.

Strolling along the charming rooms and spaces filled with tobacco, it becomes clear that cigars are made in this factory with the utmost care - whether that's to do with the way we blend them or our manufacturing and packaging methods: quality is what counts. Thomas Klaphake says: "Product quality largely determines a product's success. For years, the foundation of De Olifant's success has come from our use of pure natural raw materials of the very finest quality." Its ultimate success is determined by maintaining a good relationship with tobacco shops where De Olifant's range is sold. The tobacconists are our ambassadors and have ensured De Olifant's high standing in the world of cigars.

Our cheerful "singing" employees are in love with "their" factory. They "turn out" four million cigars per year, including nine main models and limited edition ranges. De Olifant's motto is "top quality rather than quantity". This motto is what you can taste in each and every De Olifant cigar.